Sunday, February 10, 2013

Adilson The Yu-Gi-Oh! Shop in Mauritius

Dear Yu-Gi-Oh! fans,
Adilson is proud to announce you the launch of its website and its facebook page. You can find more details about how to purchase Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in Mauritius at Adilson shop.
We hope that this will facilitate you to find us and also about our products.
Your faithfully


  1. Unfortunately my Yu-gi-oh days are over. Had you posted this 3 years back, I would've jumped and crawled all over that website! lol

  2. Just too bad. When we will organise our competitions, I will invite you. Yu-Gi-Oh! is one of the rare anime that you can copy the character. You can play just like in anime/manga. I think this is why is has been so popular. Though there are no

  3. About the competition why are synchro not allowed ?? + we are gonna use the banned list mar 2013?? that banned is there because of the old card(without synchro) !! i have been dueling online for more than 5years now! i have withness the synchro change n xyz ! And it make no sense to play without syncro! because the card which are banned was in (old)deck format! i definitely think we should play with synchro and not stay backward!!

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